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Thread: custom name

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    custom name


    I need to know asap how to make users not view my custom name that they have added me as a buddy so they cant see me like this [casper07]breeezy. how to do this ?? try to understand ,my english is bad

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    if somebody has added you as "buddy", they can change your displayed name how they want. There is nothing, what you can do against.

    For users, which don't have you as buddy, they will see your set name like '[casper07]breeezy'.

    If you want to change displayed names of your own buddies, you have to rightclick the person and choose "Edit in contacts" (in german: "In Kontakten bearbeiten"). There you're able to define an "user defined nickname"... For example: Custom Name

    On the buttom of the window, you can find the options, how your buddy's name will be displayed for you...

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