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    Maybe a stupid question?

    Have you guys ever considered video chat on teamspeak?

    I realize that may not be something easy to implement but I feel like it would be awesome to have video chat.

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    Video Streaming Support

    Like title says it will be nice if you can meet with your friends and Stream "videos" directly on the ts3 server, and if one put pause the video will stop on all the interface.

    It will be really great!

    For conference, and just for relax watching youtube videos, music videos, ecc.

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    The 3rd dimension
    TeamSpeak is a VOIP solution used mostly by gamers. I would be extremely surprised if they ever implemented a feature like that.

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    Not really necessary to create two Threads about (basicly) the same suggestion...

    I think there were a couple of Suggestion Threads on this Feature, not sure about the outcome of it though. Try the Search.

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    Thumbs up [Suggestion] Youtube

    Why doesn't Teamspeak support videos for example on the chat box or in the banner like raidcall it would be very usefull to watch movies, streams and many other things.

    PS: If there is a topic with this suggestion please put the link bellow because I don't know if someone has made this suggestion already.

    Thank You
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    Lightbulb Client channel description - [video][/video] BBcode

    What I'm trying to do is embed youtube videos in the descriptions of my channels.

    Primarily, I use my TeamSpeak server for a plethora of games, and having a game review or trailer in the description to see what it is about is helpful to anyone who inquires.

    Granted people can see a generic link or I can get creative and photoshop something to look like an embedded video, but this is simply a workaround.

    What I truly want is: the ability to embed and play a video within the client (see: -- this is for the forums, not the limited set of BBcode that is used within the client).

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    The 3rd dimension
    I would love this, that way I could have tutorial/training videos for my admins or section owners right there to be viewed easily.

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