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    Solved how to disable automatic microphone mute when screensaver activates...

    Hi folks,

    I have a situation were a handheld ham-radio is connected to my TS3-Server using the client (Stable). The computer where the radio is connected to is a win7 x64 using the default onBoard-Soundcard. The radio is connected only for transmitting to the TS-Server for new ham radio guys at out club to learn for the license test. :-) The TS-USer cannot send via the radio...

    Everything works perfectly and just as expected when I am working with that machine.

    BUT when the screensaver activates (because I left the computer for the night) the TS3-client autmaticly mutes the microphone.

    I know this behaviour was intentionally by design. But according to the post "[Solved] WinXP locks and Mic mutes" there should be a checkbox somewhere within the options to disable this feature...

    I cannot find that checkbox.

    Any help is gladly welcome.

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    This feature was removed in an older client.

    This should help you
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    Red face

    Many thanks dante696,

    that seems to be exactly what I was looking for.


    *** SOLVED ***

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