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    Server Permissions Extremely Screwed Up

    I can't do any permission modifying.
    The permission group
    is checked off and for some reason everything I try to modify using ServerQuery ends up in unsufficient permission.
    My email for my host was closed because I thought I decided to use a new email.
    So now everything is in chaos right now :S
    Is there any way to fix this?

    When I try to do permreset with the ServerQuery I get an Error
    error id=2568 msg=insufficient\sclient\spermissions failed_permid=47

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    Rule #1 when hosting TeamSpeak servers: Do not mess around with Query Groups or the database. This is what happens. You will have to start from scratch with a new database.

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    If the permissions are screwed you should wipe it all out and start again unfortunately. If you want some good guidelines / demonstration with explanation of how to set up permissions in a way that will be safe to prevent screw-ups or your admins potentially hacking your server, check out this tutorial video:

    You should really have pretty much no need for serverquery when even setting up an advanced server. I have been told by my TS service provider that my server's config is the biggest in size and makes use of more things than other people typically make use of in ways that other people don't use (out of all servers they host). Even with this compliment, I have not had any need for serverquery admin.

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    To watch the one and only videos ( ) look for "Madmatti94" or the official videos on YT.
    You can have also a look at this -> file, section "Clan Server".

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