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    TeamSpeak 3 Client 3.0.12 released

    We are happy to announce the integration of the Overwolf Overlay as part of our partnership with Overwolf into the TeamSpeak client, offering our users a new overlay solution in addition to the existing overlay plugin.

    Details about Overwolf are available at

    === Client Release 3.0.12 09 Sep 2013
    + Integrated Overwolf Overlay.
      Windows: Overwolf can now be installed and started from the TeamSpeak client
      via menu and toolbar actions. Bundled Overwolf mini installer in TeamSpeak
      autoupdate and installer, which downloads the actual Overwolf installer.
      All platforms: Added Overwolf icon in TeamSpeak tree to indicate clients
      running Overwolf (can be disabled in Options/Design). These icons require
      TeamSpeak Server 3.0.9 or later.
    + Included TeamSpeak control plugin. This is part of a project offering the
      possibility to control TeamSpeak from another application running on the same
      computer, similar to the clientquery plugin. Currently Windows only. More
      detailed information will be available in the near future.
    * Removed the overlay plugin from TeamSpeak installer and autoupdate, so future
      updates to the overlay plugin no longer depend on a TeamSpeak release. The
      overlay plugin is available and maintained on the authors webpage:
    * Direct Input Hotkey is now automatically changed to "Default" in preparation
      to removing Direct Input in a later release. While you can manually switch it
      back to Direct Input again, we don't recommend to do so.
    - Fixed possible crash in direct input hotkey system.
    - Fixed infinite file access caused by animated images.
    - Fixed possible crash in client/server log highlight dialog.
    - Fixed issue running 32 bit Linux client on systems without SSE2 CPU support.
    Overwolf bug reports, problems or help
    Overwolf is an own product and developed by the Overwolf Team.
    To get in touch with the Overwolf developers, please visit
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