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    Question An Alternative Translation API to Google

    Allo all,
    im on a teamspeak server my friend set up and apparently 8 people on it gets you high up the list so even tho we are in new zealand and speak english people from germany, saudi arabia, japan, france, america, but mostly turkey come on.

    most of them dont speak english so i thought as a little side project impliment the google translate api into the teamspeak chat. e.g.

    *other stuffs*
    <14:14:19> (Detected:French) *Username*: Bonjour, jemapelle jazeme
    <14:14:19> (Detected:French, Converted) *Username*: Hello, my name is jazeme
    *other stuffs*

    so it will print the original and what it detects it to be it will convert it to the language of the country the client is in unless otherwise specified in a config, or a command in the chat like !translate: Arabic

    i was about to make the project but even tho there is a bronze pricing plan that is supposedly free for the google translate api i cant see a way to get hold of it. so the only way to use it would be $150 a month but up to $10k if people are over using it, plus the client can see my api-key and probably use it in there own project leeching off my money, this i would be fine with if it becomes popular and people donate, but that is quite unlikely, and if noone uses it at all i don't want to pay the minimum for something in can get for free for spending a little longer copying and pasting what someone said into google translate in my browser.

    so if anyone can come up with a good alternative ied appreciate it, weather it be a module or html request based like the google option

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    have i said something silly? or too difficult?

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    Red face

    Quote Originally Posted by Gnomorian View Post
    have i said something silly? or too difficult?
    Bump on this one would really love one of these myselfe! running a TS3 server with allot of users from many diffrent country's

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    I think there is no excuse for not speaking a decent level of English in the 21th century. If one made such a plug-in, it would be like an excuse.

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