Hello community!

I am trying to program something with HTML5/PHP5 for the TS3 WebApp, but I have a little problem with your website...

I want to fetch the latest version of the TeamSpak 3 server under Linux. My idea was, that I fetch the whole content of the TeamSpeak 3 download page and that I search there for "Linux Server" or something like that. There exists two versions: x64 and x86...

Normally should each server version the same - for example 3.0.9. Okay... If it is so, I havent got the problem with getting the latest version... But I have still one problem: HOW can I download the latest version, if I want the "Linux Server x64 3.0.9" for example?

Is the download link always the same with just an another version in it? Like that for example:

If the links are always like the named examples, it is really easy to create a automated download script for it.

Can somebody of the TeamSpeak team please answer me? Thanks a lot!