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    Solved [Suggestion] Idea with Delay in Queue when server is fully !

    Hello !

    Today i talked with my friend, he has server 512 slots and now everyday have full server, we would try give a good idea for developers. I have hope you will accept this idea. Example: When someone want connect to the server, see is full and he can't join and he don't know when will be empty slot for join there, so we have idea for this, after trying connecting to the server, he will see the BOX in modal message with text "We are sorry! Currently this server is fully, you in Queue 5/17 notification about your status Queue, will be display and refresh every 5 seconds, when the server solved the slot for you, system will autoreconnect you to this server, thank you for your patience"

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    Good sugestion, this is already implemented in some game servers and would be nice to have in ts3.

    Maybe also a perm to give priority in queue? (Something like reserved slots but you have priority while waiting).

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    This feature was discussed already and we don't plan to build a queue into the server and client.
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