I have a domain and have made an SRV record so that people can connect to an easy address instead of a more complicated address requiring a port. The problem is sometimes people try and connect and it won't connect. I never figured out what the problem was until today. I upgraded my vps's TS3 server to the new version and everything got screwed up. So I had to wipe everything. Well my previous server was running on a non-standard port. But this new server is running on default. Well the server that uses a SRV record is a paid server through typefrag. When it fails to connect to the subdomain.domain.com SRV record it actually then connects to straight subdomain.domain.com which actually does also have a server running on it with a default port. So instead of them connecting to the server detailed in the SRV record they sometimes get thrown into the server that is running on that domain.

So the timeouts for checking records must be too quick or something because sometimes people have to try and connect to to the server 2 or 3 times to get to the real server detailed in the SRV record.