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    Limit Server Group assignement to some other server groups


    I'm truly sorry if the question has already been asked but i couldn't find it in the forum.

    Here is my problem, I have some server group like that :
    - Administrator
    - Staff
    - Moderator
    - Member
    - Mute
    - Some other Server group

    Is there a way that a moderator can assign the server group "mute" to a "member" but not to a "staff" ? I tried a lot of things but nothing worked.

    Thansk a lot for your time and help.

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    On your staff server group set the i_client_needed_permission_modify_power higher than the i_client_permission_modify_power that the moderator has. That way moderators will be unable to assign or revoke any server groups from Staff.

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    It works perfectly, thanks a lot for your help

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