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    Weird problem wth teamspeak server permissions system

    Hello I have really big problem

    Yesterday there was a guy (guest) on my server who told me that my server is going offline soon, then when I banned him for poking me all time, connection to all remaining users on the server was dropped. Log says nothing only connection lost message (server is set up to log everything what is possible)

    Important thing is that server app itself is ok same as other apps on physical machine.

    I wanted to know if it is possible to any guy can DC all my clients from guest rank.

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    the only way to disconnect everybody permissionwise would be to shutdown the server. I do not think that you allowed your Guest group to
    a) create a server query login AND
    b) shut down a server

    Therefore what I guess he did was to attack your server by flooding it. Please check whether you had a significant increase in traffic at the time where everybody dropped. That would be an indicator for a DDoS attack for instance.

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    My guess is you were hit with a DDOS attack which flooded the connections to the server and thus kicking everyone off. Many servers all over the world have this happen to the point where providers have technology set up to quickly mitigate such attacks. Barring a network issue at the server end, a DDOS would be the only reason other people all lose connection at the same time.

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