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    Post [PluginSDK] API Features & Issues Collection

    Disclaimer: This thread is not for end-users, but for plugin and sdk developers. If you're here to request a plugin, feature or plugin crash fix, this is the wrong place. Use the plugin's official support thread or create a thread if not applicable.
    This collection is supposed to be both for the devs to quickly gain an oversight on what's going on at the plugin API front, as well as for plugin developers to have a centralized point to benefit from each others experiences.

    API Additions & Change Requests
    Oh, if only I could...

    • assign hotkeys from inside the plugin dynamically [remarks]
    • toggle 3dsoundenabled (assumption: write to database not having immediate effect)
    • have a seperate state variable for "do 3d processing on this client" instead of it depending on the position of that client relative to the listener
    • echo reduction (as opposed to cancellation) isn't available in the API

    API Bugs
    It's a bug, not a feature!

    • onEditPostProcessVoiceDataEvent, onEditPlaybackVoiceDataEvent: id corruption on whisper [workaround] Status: In Tracker
    • Sending whispers isn't caught by tree view, shown as talk in taskbar on sender, shown correctly on recipient [reference]
    • setWhisperList not calling onServerErrorEvent with returnCode [reference] possibly related to above
    • Audio callbacks are bypassed for recording [reference]

    API Quirks
    Not really a bug, but unexpected, easily overlooked? This list is about those things.

    • Note that users can enable & disable your plugin while connected. The client won't bring you up to speed in that case. [example]
    • Bug-ish: onPluginCommandEvent, hotkeys use the plugin file name, minus _someOs, not ts3plugin_name(). Watch for case-sensitivy (e.g. toLower) and such
    • If you're crashing the client without it being able to create a dump file, watch for thread related issues like console debug.

    Plugin Ecosystem
    Package Installer not working on C64? Auto-Updater anniversary? This list is about those things.

    • OpenSSL could be optionally supported if found on system instead of flat-out disabled [reference] - included in 3.0.14
    • Download page requires API Version filtering
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