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    Teamspeak 3 PHP Framework - Question

    Hey all.

    Trying to make a little personal mod here by using the PHP framework for Teamspeak 3, but I'm having some problems.

    I cannot find any list of attributes for the different functions. For example, the clientList() function has always an array as a parameter, but in this array there is various info returned such as client_platform, client_type, client_away, etc.

    Is there any list of those somewhere? I've looked on the API documentation, but I cannot find this.


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    Usually what is returned is what the ts3 server returns.

    Check the properties at the end. (client/server/etc properties)

    Also you can usually do echo '<pre>' . $clientlist . '</pre>'; and check the output in the browser.

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    cheers my friend! Just what I was looking for!

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