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    Question How do I install a skin? Is it broken?

    I have downloaded a skin:

    It's a .ts3_skin file. I looked inside with 7zip and it seems to be set up correctly (but perhaps not).

    I double-click the file in my downloads folder and something seems to happen, but then it doesn't show up in TS3 as an option. I tried restarting TS, but it's still not offered in the list. It's not even in the TS3 folder with the other styles.

    My TeamSpeak is in C:\Users\[me]\AppData\Local\TeamSpeak 3 Client\ that a problem? Or is that the expected location?

    I tried running package_inst.exe as an administrator (that seems to help most issues I have on Windows 8), but obviously that doesn't do anything without telling it which file to install. :/

    So, am I doing something wrong? ...or is it broken?

    Thanks for any help you can offer

    TS 3.0.12, Windows 8 Pro

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    I should "hope it is a broken link?" Are you saying that the install folder won't work?

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    It's probably not in the folder you said it is. Right click the Teamspeak shortcut and check the properties for the install location. You can also start up TS, go to Task manager (Control alt delete), then go to processes and right click on Teamspeak 3 and Open File Location. Then just extract the files to the Teamspeak 3 folder. Icons should go to gfx, styles should go to styles. The package installer is really just an extractor that puts them in those locations.

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