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    TeamSpeak client having trouble connecting to servers

    Okay I'm new here so if I don't post the necessary information it's cause I don't know what information you want provided.

    Today I tried inviting people to my TS3 server to chat and only half of them could join with the other half all getting error codes saying that they cannot connect. I thought it might have been my server so we changed to a different server but every person that couldn't connect initially still had the same problem. What is going on here?

    I'm thinking it's a region problem because the only people who could join were all Australians like me. And both servers we tried were Australian too. But they are both internationally enabled and we've never had this problem before.

    We tried getting them to update TS3 to latest version and running program in admin mode. Nothing worked....

    What's going on?

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    Seriously? Nothing?

    Not even a "hey asari, just go and check this box in x menu option and it'll fix the issue?"

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