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    TS3 identity help

    Okay, so i'm trying to transfer my TS3 identity from my windows 7 computer to windows 8.
    I've exported it onto my USB, placed that USB into my laptop, dragged the .ini onto my desktop, then imported it. I set it as the default identity, but when I connect to the server I have no permissions that I had on my other computer under the same identity.
    If you could help me you'd be my hero <3

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    If you are using a bookmark did you update the Identity there?

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    Hi Darian.

    The easy way is to Export your identity at your Win 7 and Import it at the new PC.
    Under Settings/Identity you can do the Export.

    The other way is to copy the ts3clientui_qt.secrets.conf File to the new Computer.

    Hope it helps.

    Regards Sargnagel

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