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    Failed to Connect to Server: Need Help!

    Hi there I do not know a ton about how to fix teamspeak problems or computer problems in general (always rely on google) but I am currently getting the "Failed to Connect to Server" message. Basically what happened was we switched from Time Warner to AT&T U-verse and I can't connect to my friends server. I am able to connect to other servers just for some reason not his I don't believe you need permission to get in and there is not a password on it anyone have any ideas how to fix it or can direct me to some help?

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    Hey, if you could get on my server that would be great, so I could chat with you and get more information about the problem.

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    Well it let me into the server for 15 seconds and now its giving me the same message, on another not I'm not sure if this clear up any problems when i try to pull up the sever list and i choose Own Country (which i guess is the default) it says the location of your IP could not be properly resolved. Not sure if this helps is there any other way to get in contact?

    I will keep trying to get into the server though atm its working

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    Still can't figure it out I have opened ports and changed firewall setting and all that jazz but nothing seems to work anyone else know what could be wrong?

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