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    Solved Problem with using a joystik-button for push-to-talk, after latest update.

    Dear teamspeak Team,

    first I want to thank you for your program. Until the latest update, the software was working as I needed. Since the latest version there is a problem with using a joystick button as Push-To-Talk button. The input dialog does not close after the joystick button was pressed (for example button 5). When I press the [ESC] key to exit the dialogue, the hotkey is defined as [joystick button 5 + ESC]. The next problem is that each joystick button is accepted exactly once. The 'consumed' joystick key is redetected only after a restart of the TeamSpeak client. In older versions there was a human-readable configuration file. As it stands, these were replaced by a SQLite3 database. Is there a way to enter the Push-To-Talk button directly in the configuration file?

    I use TS3 in Windows XP. The Joystick is a saitek X52 Pro.

    My workaround for described situation is as followed. I use the share-ware 'joytokey' for simulating keybord inputs from Joystick. But I hope it will be soon possible again to use the joystick without an additional program.



    After a restart of the operating system and switching input method on Direct Input, everything works fine. This post can be deleted.

    Please Excuse the inconvenience,
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    Can you try client 3.0.13 (this client was released today).

    Saitek devices always made problems with hotkeys, but we own an saitek X52 Pro and can not reproduce any problem.
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    Hello dante696,

    as I wrote in the addendum, the problem is solved. The main problem was sitting (as so often) in front of the monitor. My initial mistake was that I had not saved the settings after switching the input method.

    As a developer, I am sometimes amazed, how creative some users are using my programs. Even if I think my program now is monkey safe, some users prove the contrary. No wonder you couldn't reproduce my problem.

    This thread can be deleted. Please forgive me wasting your time.


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