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    Installing Teamspeak 3 Clinet on Fedora 18

    I have scoured these forums and googled for quiet sometime and no solutions given have solved my issue.. You may think Im crazy , but I just started using Linux, since when I don't game I prefer to use it for obvious reasons, but I still want to chat with my friends. I use linux also cause the Point fo Sale system I use for work is on it, so it has its purposes.

    Could someome possibly give step by step instructions on how to install Ts3 for x86 or amd64.. the problem is.. From there its just a .run file. I selected permissions and clicked for it to ALlow it to run as a program, but that did not, just bringing up gEdit again.

    I am not a guru, hell Im not even a adept at it.

    I just need simple step by step instructions on how to install it, which I have yet to find on here.

    I have the x86 and amd64 on my 'Desktop', just no clue on what the hell to do.

    (I have a 64 bit processor buit I dont remember if I have a 64 bit version of Fedora, so I am looking at 32 bit))

    Anyhelp would be nice! Cause Im about to pull my hair out.

    I got to shell.. and made tiny headway

    Actually Im still stomped c.c Im at the EULA/ToA and stuck wher eto go, just a Hightlgthed <End>
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