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    Server icons cannot be found / not showing up


    I am using Windows 8 64bit OS. The version of TeamSpeak I am using is 3.0.13 (Qt version 4.8.3).

    The main problem I am having is that ever since using TeamSpeak 3 on Windows 8 I have found that no server icons can be found (The icon for server group "Donator!" was not found). This is not a server problem as others can quite happily see the icons and are using Windows 7 which makes me believe that there is a support issue for Windows 8 64bit.

    All I can see are the TeamSpeak icons i.e. Server Admin, Muted Channel, Overwolf and Locked Channel.



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    This message tells you only, that the icon can not be found in your local cache or on server files folder.
    People who have these icons in their cache won't see the icons, whe nthey clear the cahce from the client, when the server does not have these files anymore.

    You seem to be a user, who never had the icons and you just joined the server after the files were deleted from the server.
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    How can I fix it? (I am also indeed a user)

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