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    Global NPL Question & Answers Thread (READ THIS FIRST)

    The NPL was discontinued and you can no longer request a new one or re activate a expired one.
    Please do not create any support ticket. Our Sales department can not help you.


    Please note that we do not provide support for NPL Application related inquiries.

    Q: Where can I apply for an NPL?
    A: You can only apply through the form at

    Q: The website states that the NPL applications are closed?
    A: Applications are open on Mondays at 3AM through Fridays at 7AM US Pacific Time, excluding holidays.

    Q: I don't have an Email on a domain / don't want to buy a domain / don't need or have a website.
    A: All requirements outlined on the Request Form must be met.

    Q: Why do you not accept Gmail, Facebook, Yahoo, or other free email services?
    A: NPL’s are issued to established organizations and we must verify that you are indeed a member of the organization/community. There are no exceptions.

    Q: Why do you not accept mails or websites like [email protected]?
    A: Subdomains and dynamic DNS addresses are not accepted. The amount of users on an NPL cannot typically be handled by home internet connections. Servers are intended to run on server machines in a datacenter.

    Q: Can I use subfolders for my website (eg.
    A: While you can do that, you should know that we'll consider the entire website, not just one folder. So in essence we'll also be checking for requirements and restrictions.

    Q: Do I really have to fill out everything?
    A: All fields must be completed with valid information. Requests with invalid data will be rejected without notification.

    Q: I requested an NPL a few days ago and I still haven't received it?
    A: NPL applications can take up to 15 business days or more for your license to be processed.

    Q: But it has been more than 15 days since I requested my NPL, what now?
    A: Processing of NPL applications begin after the request has been confirmed. An email with a confirmation link is sent to the email address on the application. The application process will not begin until the confirmation process is complete.

    Q: I have not received my confirmation email or license?
    A: Make sure your email server has both and whitelisted so that emails from us get through. Ensure that your email server does not any sort of human interaction verification process. Replies to the email address used for sending these notifications are not monitored. You can have your license resent by using this link.

    Q: I haven't heard anything and the resend link says my email is invalid.
    A: Your Mail server was not configured properly or is offline for an extended period of time and thus you did not receive the notification mail about your request being rejected. We do not store any data about rejected requests.

    Q: I am going to move servers and the IP address is going to change, what do I have to do?
    A: You'll need to submit a ticket saying that you are going to switch servers and include the new server IP. Make sure you enter the email address associated with your existing NPL.

    Q: My NPL is set to expire soon, what do I have to do?
    A: Nothing, if your server is running and active, your NPL will be renewed automatically, otherwise it is going to expire.

    Q: My NPL expired and it did not automatically renew. What can I do?
    A: You may request a manual renewal by submitting a ticket. There is no guarantee that a new license will be reissued.

    Q: My NPL application was rejected because there is another NPL associated with the IP address I provided in my application.
    A: Send an inquiry to the NPL support team by submitting a ticket.

    Q: Why was my server blacklisted?
    A: Servers are blacklisted for violation of License Terms and / or the License agreement. Blacklist notifications are sent to the email address we have on file registered with the license. If you do not see an email, check the Spam Folder.
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    Ticket don't reply after 10 days

    i don't like forum or other OLD system community... but i'm here only for fix my TICKET!

    NUMBER TICKET: #UQE-300-28213


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    It hasn't been 8 days when you did post on forum :/
    It's not in our hand when your piracy report gets approved and answered from our sales department.
    When sending me private messages: Please make sure to include reference link to your forum thread or post.

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    new Domain npl

    i have an new domain and email.
    How to change this in the npl?
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