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    Maximum number of connections exceeded

    I keep getting the message " Maximum number of connections with the same identity exceeded".

    There's only one of me!

    Any help gratefully received. I've looked in the FAQ's but can't find anything that covers this,

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    That behaviour is controlled by "i_client_max_clones_uid". And you yourself can connect multiple times to the same server and so the counter increases. And of course the identity could be used from more then one computer at a given time.

    So in the short, I'd belief the server if he tells you that there the allowed number of connections is reached.

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    There is a permission called i_client_max_clones_uid, it defines the additional connections with the same client id.
    If the value of this permission is 0, you can only connect once with your uid, if it is 1 then 2 connections, and so on. (-1 is indefinite)
    So maybe you exported your id and use it on another device like smartphone or anywhere else, or you try connecting twice on the same computer. But you should at least be able to connect one time with a specific id.
    You could try and create a new identity - Settings > identities > add (make it standard or choose the correct identity when you are connecting) - to see if it works at all.

    Edit: ahh, someone was faster =D

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    Istalantar + Barungar,
    I've only connected from the one computer, a couple of times today, after downloading TeamSpeak.
    If I understand you right, I connected, and then tried to connect again, without having disconnected from the first time. Is that possible?

    So I just have to learn to disconnect properly ?

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    If you close the client you are automatically disconnected, so i don't think that's the problem.
    Did you try another identity? That way you could see if any other client is connected to the server, unless you need permissions to see anything.

    Edit: There are similar Threads listed below on the same problem, perhaps there is a solution in one of them.
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