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    Question Bind NumLock to mic mute on OS X?

    On Windows (8), I have numlock set to toggle microphone mute. It's nice: the green light means the mic is live.

    When I reboot my MacBook Pro into OS X, I cannot bind numlock. I try to setup the hotkey, I push numlock, and nothing happens.

    Does anyone know if this is possible, and if so, how it can be done? I'm thinking maybe I can edit a hotkey .plist somewhere or something… maybe… I know Macs treat num/caps lock functions different than Windows, but I'm hoping I can still use this "light is on = mic is live" functionality. My other option would be caps lock, but I often hit that accidentally while playing


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    numlock on the Mac side may be overridden with the fn key pressed there's no real use for "numlock" on the Mac since the extended calc keys are on by default
    You might try going to the System Preferences --> Keyboard and toggle the Use all F1 F2 Etc. as standard function keys. See if that helps.

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