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    playstore Update, cannot open Mythos Client or view my favourites

    I used the ts android Client very very long.
    So i have a lot of favourites saved on my mobile device.

    Well,... Today i tried to open my android client nur i recieved a error message.

    I am still Not able to look at my favourites nor connect to them. I also cannot Update by playstore Or client. The only possibleOption would be to deinstall my Client Land Download a new one.

    But, .. I do Not want to lose all my favourites Or PersonalID... Is there a possebility to get my saved favourites and IDs?

    I am using a Sony Xperia z

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    What error message do you get and have you bought the app or are you still using the beta?
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    no tgeamspeak any more... on android

    hello , i was using teamspeak on my android Phone and tab, but now we have to pay to let it work again ...... its only on mobile devices yesterdag there was a working version on this site sombody got the apk ?

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    had the same problem. i got the critical payment error (was still using the beta) and the play store didn't let me buy it because ts3 was already installed(no error message in the play-store, just no "buy"-buton). after uninstalling and buying all settings/favorites/identities were gone. not much of an issue for me, but maybe for other people.

    this was on a Nexus 4 with Android 4.3

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    The updated problem was an unexpected behavior of the android market app. The plan was to enable the user to buy the app and do an update to the final version without losing anything in this process. Unfortunately the android market app on a mobile device does not check if you have bought the app if it is already installed, it will only show the open button.
    The only way to keep all settings now is to buy it in the web store, the next time you will check the market on your device then it will find an update.
    Further updates will definitely keep all settings.

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