So as a crime for being slightly more knowledgable about TS3 than most of my clan, I got turned into an admin and put in charge of updating our crap security.

There are 2 group level changes I'm trying to make, and I believe they are do-able, I just don't have the know-how.

Issue 1: We have multiple sub-clans under the same banner, so we have a section of our server setup for each sub-clan to call its own.

What I am trying to setup, is each sub-clan gets its own Group, which permits it to access the common areas, and their specific sub-clan channel tree. Example, I'm in the top clan (lets call it A), as a standard member I could access all common areas and sub-clan channels relating to A, but I cannot just hop into sub-clans B, C, or D.

Issue 2: Related to the above, I'm trying to create a server/channel group, for our "under 18" clan members. To restrict them from some channels, but permit them to others. Similar idea to above, but not quite the same. Just because they are in sub-clan B, doesn't mean they get access to all of B's specific channels.

Our youth members, ideally, would be assigned their sub-clan membership group, which gives them full access to the sub-clan specific channels, and then assigned the under-18 which puts its own restrictions on permitted channels.

Is this doable, and how? As I mentioned above, I know that what my clan has already done, is barely above initial setup (we have a server admin, and a usable normal server group), and absolutely nothing else.

Edit: and anyone willing to help me out with further ideas, I have a laundry list of intended changes, but no knowledge of where/how to make them happen.