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    [HELP]strncmp problem

    Hi all, its again me, this time i have a problem with strncmp.
    When i tri to compare 2 string it work fine but when i try to compare a string with a link it doent wok, any solution?

    This is my code.
    ts3plugin_onTextMessageEvent(uint64 serverConnectionHandlerID, anyID targetMode, anyID toID, anyID fromID, const char* fromName, const char* fromUniqueIdentifier, const char* message, int ffIgnored) {
    if( strncmp( message, "http", 4 ) == 0 )
          //do something
    When someone send a link the compare doesnt work.

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    i think teamspeak add [URL ][/URL ] (without the spaces) tags automatically, so the string doesn't actually start with "http".

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    A additional note: if you strcmp by a fixed string you do not need the n-version of strcmp in general

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