It would be nice if Teamspeak 3 had the option to play sound events/scripts through computer speakers but still be able to use the headset for talking to people. Right now, you can only set it up to hear both voice chat and sound events together but can't split it. It would be nice to hear when someone logs into your channel while you're away from your keyboard. Also, pokes are useless if you're away since the sound events for that come out of your headset. Only workaround is to setup the playback settings when you're gonna go away but if people come into that channel and start talking, it can get annoying since you hear everything through your speakers. I just wish there was a way to separate these events like Ventrilo does. If anyone knows of any plugins that might solve my problem, let me know otherwise I'm considering hosting a Ventrilo server instead of a teamspeak server just for that feature.