Hi there -

I am having a technical problem with the total_clients_family attribute in the channel-list.

The problem I am experiencing shows as follows:

If a channel is created manually (right click + create sub-channel) the total_clients_family of the father-channel is calculated correctly.

On the other hand, if it is created per query (channelcreate) the clients occupying this channel are not taken into account for the total_clients_family attribute of the father channel.

When comparing both sub-channels (manually and query-created) I noticed that the max_users in channel-tree is
"inherited" for the manually created subchannel, but "unlimited" for the query-created subchannel.

Switching from unlimited to inherited solved the problem, the total_cients_family is calculated correctly.

Now there's two things to figure out:

1.: How to tell channelcreate-query to set this property to inherited (channel_flag_maxfamilyclients_inherited)
2.: Why is this ? is this intended ? How does the maximum users in channel-tree relate to this ? is this a bug maybe ?

Thx for your patience, any answers/suggestions are appreciated