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    [Request] Possibility to add users to Clients & Channels Whispers with unique IDs

    I am in the process of adding members of our clan to Whispers, and noticed people need to be online to be added to Clients & Channels Whispers.

    Is there a possibility to add the feature people can be added to Clients & Channels Whispers with their unique ID? Right now they need to be online and have to be drag & dropped, and it would really make things easier if we could just add them by copying and pasting their unique ID.

    We hardly never have everybody online at the same time, and have members from varying timezones, which is the reason why I ask.

    Thanks in advance for reading this.

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    We won't add being able to specify a unique id, what we will discuss though is being able to drag&drop clients from other places (like the all clients list, or the chat) to the whisper list.
    For now, if you add them to your contact list you can add them to a whisper list even if they are offline.
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