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    Exclamation Windows 7 freezes, requires log-out when connecting to server

    I have been using TeamSpeak for nearly a year before this started happening today. My friend told me from Skype to go to our TeamSpeak server and ended the call. I opened up TeamSpeak, went to connect to the server as usual. Before all of the channels can even load up, my TeamSpeak crashes and I can't move my mouse at all. I waited for 5 minutes before using CTRL+ALT+DELETE to log out and log back in again. So I tried again, and again, and again, still crashes my OS.

    I've been looking around and have tried every single solution I have seen, but none have worked. I've tried disabling all of my plugins, clearing my cache, re-installing, restarting my computer, running as admin, changing my playback device, even tried another server, nothing has worked.

    If anyone knows anything please respond, I'm so desperate to get on as I have a tournament match on TF2 soon and I fear I'll miss it!

    Logs included below of all the times I attempted to join.

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