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    Unhappy Teamspeak3 Hotkeys from other application

    Hi @ all,

    first my english sucks.

    The Hotkeyfunktion from the TS3 client is maintly not working, when i send a key-combination from my own program.

    for example: i wanna mute my microphone on TS3 client with the key combination "alt+ctrl+m".

    When i press the buttons manually on the system it's working but not when i send the keys per programm on this machine.
    sometimes i works but only 1% by trying.... i got also other applications like this on the machine how working with the hotkeys from my program, but not the TS3 client.

    only not the TS3 client

    i also reinstalled the operating-system but without success.

    • Windows 7 x64 with the newest updates
    • only the basic windows defender as AV program all basic...
    • TS3 ver.: 3.0.13 Qt ver.: 4.8.3
    • my extern programm is programed in netframework 4.5 i also tryed a nother framework...
    • the UAC settings are low

    Thx for Help

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    Hey there, do you mean that the hotkeys only work when you are tabbed in to TeamSpeak and not in any other program? Maybe try running it as an administrator or choosing a less complicated hotkey, for example I use CTRL+P to mute mine.

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    We did try to reproduce that with TeamViewer per remote control, but the hotkeys did work there.
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    With TeamViewer is it also working on my systems...

    So my exact problem: i wanna change the nickname on the TS3 client per program for my Jukebox.

    i send:
    "alt+ctrl+1" for electro
    "alt+ctrl+2" for minimal
    and so on...

    I send the hotkeys from my program and i got for each nickname a other ".exe".

    In one of 100trys is it one time working and after often never again.
    I tryed it now on 2 machines also as administrator and with the option keyboard&mouse and stuff but without help...

    My hotkey function is working on winamp, ventrilo and so on but not on the ts3 client...

    to send a keycombination on like: "ALT+CTRL+8" is only this needed...

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