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    Teamspeak 3 Lua Plugin: How do I put an interval in my loop?

    I learned lua by playing a game called Roblox.
    Today I decided to start learning the Teamspeak 3 way of lua.
    On roblox I used to have an easy function called wait()
    If we filled in wait() it waited one thick of time which depended on the server lagg, usually around 0.05 seconds.
    If we used wait(5) it would wait 5 seconds.
    Which means we could make a function like this:
    function loop()
    	for i = 1 , 10 do
    		print("Hello World!")
    In the teamspeak lua this function is not possible, does anyone know what I need to use to make something like a wait() function?

    Thanks for your help.

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    bumping this post...

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