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    Angry Allow lvl3 client to change lvl1 (guest) srv group but not crying...

    First sorry for my bad english...

    So, im blocked to do this thing :

    I own a server with 4 lvl of server group
    lvl4 = admins
    lvl3 = Validés
    lvl2 = bleu bite
    lvl1 = guests

    My server administration is only based on server group, not another tiers

    What i want is:
    allow lvl3 to change server group of lvl1 to lvl2 max and lvl2 to lvl1
    lvl3 can't change server group of the other lvl3 clients
    lvl2 and lvl1 cant do any modifications of server groups.

    I wrote these settings :

    Name:  Question TS3v2.jpg
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    BUT, it didn't work....

    Is somebody can tell me what i had made wrong ?

    Please help !!.....

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    August 2013
    Your settings look fine to me. Could you please provide us with the error message you receive upon Lvl 3 clients trying to assign Lvl 1 or Lvl 2 to a client? Does it fail on Group Member Add Power or on Client Permission Modify Power?

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    October 2013
    Hello, thank to have taken time for me.
    So, i don't understand why but, for now, without changed anything, it's working perfectly...
    I can't explain this... but thank you again.
    My problem is solved...

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