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    Question permission modify power of a new sub-channel

    Hi there,

    I've a question which I seem to can't figure out by myself, even searching the web or the forum didn't bring up a useful answer.

    Which value or field defines the "i_channel_needed_permission_modify_power" of a newly created sub-channel. It isn't the "i_channel_needed_permission_modify_power" of the parent channel as far as my research tells me. And also I didn't find any field in the user or group permissions that seems to indicate it's responsibility.

    I have noticed that sub-channels are created with differing "i_channel_needed_permission_modify_power" inside the same parent channel. So there must be any connection to the user or group who intially created that sub-channel. But I didn't get the idea which.

    Any hint is appreciated.


    Edit: Found it by myself... damn... sorry for asking. It's the user's or group's own grant power on "i_channel_needed_permission_modify_power". Thread can be closed or deleted.
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