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    Drag & Drop in File Browser

    Hello community!

    In the past few days I found out that you are able to upload or download files from the file browser via Drag & Drop. At least that was, what my friends told me. The problem I encountered is: For some reason, I can't do this.
    Simply uploading and downloading files manually works.

    I do have all the permissions to do so being the Server Admin of my server.

    My stats are:
    Windows 8 64-bit
    Teamspeak v3.0.13

    Did anybody already encounter and/or fix this problem?
    I searched in Google for quite a while and also looked through the forums, but still I couldn't find a solution yet. Some of the solutions that were posted were pretty outdated aswell.

    EDIT: My UAC is completely turned off due to the fact that it is just annoying me.

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    Drag and Drop, but only one way

    This should work for the newest teamspeak 3 client.

    For me it only works if i drag something into the file brower, but not the other way to the desktop.
    I don't know if this is normal but i think the filebrowser can't identify local folders or your desktop.

    But it's not too difficult to download files manually.


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    just tested it. Neither method works.
    Can't down- or upload via Drag & Drop.

    Would be really handy if I could manage this feature to work because I transfer files to my server quiet often.


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