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    Blocking behaviour of ts3client_destroyServerConnectionHandler

    I'm working for a company which had bought TS3 license, version 3.0.2.

    My task is to create a client which is able to:
    • use multiple headset devices(by using multiple USB soundcards)
    • PTT for some of them
    • routing sound between them and outside clients (listen on corect channels..).

    All of this is working until I try to destroy a connection.

    Before destroy function call for connection:
    • I unregister connection from all application registers so only who know about it is TS3
    • I close devices for it (sometime it blocks too)
    • then I close the connection(I receive a callback about successfull disconection)

    I don't call destruction from any callback function.

    What can cause blocking behaviour of ts3client_destroyServerConnectionHandler ? (it doesn't return after call)
    OK, i did few more tests and ts3client_closePlaybackDevice is blocking too.
    What can cause this kind of behaviour ?

    Thanks in advance.
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