Dear Dev Team,

I have a problem with my TeamSpeak 3 Server permissions but I don't know if it is a bug or only a normal problem. in (I) I will describe the problem. If it is no bug, please read (II) which is a suggestion for the new update.

I. Problem & Situation

I have the following groups on my server (a public Server with 2-3 clans):
Server Groups
  • Guest (Default Group)
  • Normal/Member
  • Gaming Tags (10-20) which are only providing a icon and tag name.
  • Manager
  • Server Admin (SAdmin Group with 75)

Channel Groups:
  • Voice (Default), no permissions.
  • Channel Mods
  • Channel Admin

My idea or what I want:
The manager should ONLY be allowed to add/revoke users to all TAG-Groups. A manager is NOT allowed to give anyone channel mod or admin.
A channel admin should be able to add/revoke users to Channel Mod in channel the admin own. A channel admin is NOT allowed to set any Tag Goups.
BUT: There are Managers who are channel admin too. They are allowed to give tags and channel mod. (Obvious but important)

I tried many options but nothing works. I found out that the add/remove power is for channel and server groups. I tried to use client permissions power but this doesn't work. (No effect...)

Is there any error? I know servers where it works.

II. Suggestion

This is not a bug? You have no solution for this? Please add a permission i_channel_user_member_add power (and revoke) so you can seperate channel and server groups!