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    [RESOLVED] Server migration help


    I would like to transfer a server from an hosting provider to my dedicated box.

    The only "backup" I can get from them is a snapshot. I do not have any access to FTP.

    So, my question is, can I restore this snapshot to a fresh new teamspeak 3 installation.

    I tryied to restore the snashot using query entry: serversnapshotdeploy [texthere]
    but failed.

    here the output I get:
    error id=1543 msg=invalid\schecksum

    What does this error mean ?

    Thank you for further help guys,
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    Possibly that the snapshot file is damaged or incomplete.

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    Most likely, the Telnet Output had incorrect encoding or line breaks every 80 characters or so. Use the backup scripts or YaTQA to make backups. YaTQA also allows you to download and upload folder structures to keep your files (must be done for every channel with files).

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    I got a new backup, but this time, using YaTQA I get this output when I try to restore the snapshot.

    "The selected server is overwritten. Do you really want to continue?"

    I click yes, and then I get:
    The query could not be completed.
    Error message: invalid parameter count
    Error code: 1537.

    I used putty.exe first time, I don't know if by default it cut line every 80 characters..

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