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    Send message from user to admin server query

    Hello Forum!
    i have changed my permissionssystem yesterday and i have 1 problem..

    if a user with the value '100' for i_client_private_textmessage_power want to starts chatting with me he cant..

    which permission i have to change in Admin Server Query for this?

    thx for helping

    Greetz mansinn

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    Don't think you can chat with a query.

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    Try to set the value of "i_client_needed_private_textmessage_power" from the query to "0" or uncheck it.
    Same with "i_client_needed_poke_power".
    For me both ways, setting "i_client_poke_power" to "100" and setting "i_client_needed_poke_power" to "0" work fine.

    I am available at any time for further questions.


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    I am guessing you are using the Admin Server Query group on your client. Please - just don't. There is no point in doing so and you will most probably end up with a broken database at some point which might even force you to start from scratch.

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