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    Unhappy Random "connection lost" and auto reconnect, very often


    im hosting a ts3 for a long time. Never got any problems. Since some days every user getting "connection lost" and auto reconnect randomly but frequently. Server and Client in the newest version. Its a Ubuntu OS and top tells me everything is ok. No package loss or any performance issue.

    Just got this in log files:
    28.10.2013 20:36:42	SCHandler	Warning	Got command data while disconnected, dropping	
    28.10.2013 20:36:42	ClientUI	Info	Connect status: Disconnected	
    28.10.2013 20:36:42	ClientUI	Info	Connection lost, want autoreconnect = 1	
    28.10.2013 20:36:42	Bookmarks	Info	Disconnect, total time: 55 - 29413	
    28.10.2013 20:36:43	ClientUI	Info	Autoreconnecting	
    28.10.2013 20:36:43	ClientUI	Info	Connect to server:	
    28.10.2013 20:36:43	ClientUI	Info	Trying to resolve	
    28.10.2013 20:36:43	TSDNS	Info	SRV DNS resolve unsuccessful for ""	
    28.10.2013 20:36:43	TSDNS	Info	DNS resolve successful, ""=	
    28.10.2013 20:36:44	ClientUI	Info	Lookup finished: 9987 0 0	
    28.10.2013 20:36:44	ClientUI	Info	Resolve successful:	
    28.10.2013 20:36:44	ClientUI	Info	Blacklist check ok	
    28.10.2013 20:36:44	ClientUI	Info	Initiating connection:	
    28.10.2013 20:36:44	ClientUI	Info	Connect status: Connecting	
    28.10.2013 20:36:45	PktHandler	Devel	Puzzle solve time: 10	
    28.10.2013 20:36:46	ClientUI	Info	Connect status: Connected	
    28.10.2013 20:36:46	ClientUI	Info	Connect status: Establishing connection	
    28.10.2013 20:36:48	ClientUI	Info	Connect status: Connection established	
    28.10.2013 20:36:48	PermManager	Info	Loading permissions from cache
    Server: Ubuntu 11.10
    TS3 Server: 3.0.10

    Hope to get help asap. Its imposible to use the server cause sooo many connection lost.

    Last edited by dante696; October 29th, 2013 at 07:22 AM. Reason: that's no bug report! wrong section

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    This is not related to TS3. The connection to that server is simply bad because some ISPs like DTAG do not provide stable connections. This is well known, however, they are unable to fix it. I also did two tracerts and they both had notable packet loss.

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