I use TS3 on my Samsung Galaxy S3 GT-I9300 with Android 4.1.2

If the bottom keyboard is visible in chat, the top of the chat move out of the screen (as the keyboard height).
And while a text is selected in the input field, the keyboard is always visible on bottom...

So it is not possible to
- cut or copy selected text (cause this function is positioned on top of the window which is not visible)
- see the title of the screen (TS-Server Name & Chat Channel name)
- read a few of the older messages (if the chat log is big enough you can see the newest)

I checked other ‘input fields’ as well (for example: add a server or add a channel) and they work fine.
It seems only this one or the chat frame itself (?) contains the error.

Generally a function for marking and copying text in the chat log would be nice.