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    Post Teamspeak3 settings export to a another server and OS


    i've 2 Teamspeak3-Server instances.

    one is a version 3.0.10 of Linux

    the other version is FreeBSD

    now the question:

    how i can export the Teamspeak3-Server-Settings from the older FreeBSD System to the newest Linux server?
    i've full root access of the server instances and admin rights.


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    All settings are saved in the database. Just copy the database "ts3server.sqlitedb" (SQLite) or "ts3server.ini" (if exists; MySQL).

    Then restart your TeamSpeak 3 server for using the old database.

    Cause you are using an older database version, your TeamSpeak 3 server will update your database. You can see these steps in your instance log file (e.g. "ts3server_2013-10-12__02_27_16.324105_0.log").

    After a correct update process, you should be able to connect to the server and all settings should be there.

    Try it, but just copy everything - do not cut!

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