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    Post Guests can kick other guests when guests don't have kick permissions.

    Server version 3.0.7 on Linux, client versions may vary by user (clan teamspeak, tech illiterate users)...

    Guests are able to kick other guests from Teamspeak without the kick permissions assigned. I've checked server perms, channel perms, client perms, all show no values but still it is possible.

    What do I have to submit for you to look into this?


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    I can only assume that your guest group doesn't have a needed kick power assigned... and when there's no kick power needed, it's perfectly normal that everyone can kick your guests.

    invoker has no kick power + target has no needed kick power = invoker can kick target

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    That was it. I have no clue how I missed that. Boy do I feel stupid as hell!

    Thanks ScP

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    For further things you can have a look -> at this.
    Its an *.pdf containing the standard permissions we had on our servers (scroll down a bit to "Clanserver" Section).
    Note, only those permissions are listed which are granted to at least one group.

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