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    NPL License Support

    I registered for a NPL License for my TeamSpeak 3 server last week and I did it one more time yesterday, but I still didn't get a reply for it. I was wondering if a staff member from here can check it and get back to me on it.

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    Did you meet all the requirements ? Check your junk mail if you did.

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    Yes, I made sure I met every requirement. I'm just getting impatient. There's a lot of people joining my server and there's not enough room for more people to come in.

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    November 2013
    I feel like they're ignoring me. I sent in a ticket yesterday and they didn't reply to it.

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    Dont worry,
    I send in 3 days ago a ticket about a server IP change.
    No response yet either, they probably busy, or something...
    I wouldn't know.

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    They have made the restrictions tighter.

    An NPL is SUPPOSED to be for small clans and larger families. Yet not many of the above will have a website, or, if they do, odds are they won't have an email on with the @ being the domain name.

    Half their requirements are contradictory to what they said they are supposed to be for.

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    This is just beyond imagination my application is being denied with the reason:
    "* Your website has content which is in violation of our NPL usage agreement (such as advertising or donation request buttons, etc)."
    even though there aren't any advertisments being displayed nor donate request buttons etc... Makes me believe they don't even look at the website. The only external links i have are from github + and an open source webclient that it's not even hosted on the server... go figure...

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