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    Since I've updated to Windows 8 I'm not able to click on links my friends send me via Teamspeak. Normally a new tab or my default browser would show up and open the website, but it just doesn't happen at all. So Im wondering if it's an issue dedicated to Windows 8 or just some "normal" issue?


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    Iirc it's tied to the "default browser" being in desktop or in windows-app mode. The former should work.

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    That's not entirely true. I've just tried toggling this setting for Chrome to no avail in either mode. However, links work just fine if I set IE as my default. Hmm.... (Chrome Version 31.0.1650.48 beta-m)

    Did some more googling. Came across this thread:

    TL;DR: What worked for me was applying the registry changes they point to here:

    Not sure how it will be for you, but the \Chrome key directory had a bunch of other characters after it in my registry. There was also no run key directory. If you apply the other \Chrome changes and ignore \Chrome\.exe\shell\run, it should work just fine.
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