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    [Release] Volume Control (Windows 7+ only) remake


    current Version: 1.9

    This plugin is a remake of the original VolumeControl by Teamspeak, which only gets API updates and is no longer under development. I will refer to it as 'the original plugin'.

    It reduces the volume of other applications when someone (including yourself) in your channel is speaking.

    This plugin does only work with Windows 7 or newer due to the used WinAPI calls!

    Why a remake and whats different?

    The common problems with the original plugin were crashes and the permanent lowering of volume for some applications, especially games with a launcher like League of Legends.

    Obviously I can't guarantee a non-crash experience through perfect bug free code, but every feedback is appreciated

    To address the permament lowering of volume this plugin works a little bit different than you are perhaps used to from the original plugin.

    Original plugin:

    • saving the volume of an application, which is set in the Windows Sound Mixer per application
    • someone speaks: using the "suppression rate" as a factor
    • everybody stops speaking: going back to previously saved volume

    This plugin:

    • someone speaks: using the "suppression rate" as the volume
    • everybody stops speaking: going back to the same value as 'master volume'

    This is important! If you are using the Windows Sound Mixer to control the volume on a "per application" basis this will obviously screw you, because it will reset everything to the 'master volume' and you should consider not using this plugin!

    If the plugin fails to load, please ensure that you have the Microsoft Visual C++ 2013 runtime libraries:

    For version 1.6 and lower:

    1.0 API19: Release
    1.1 API19: internal version with bug fixes which did not really fix what I wanted
    1.2 API19:
    fixed: plugin stops working after changing the default audio output device
    1.3 API19:
    implemented suggestion: Set your own master volume for the application to get set back to?
    fixed: getting actual path to the config file by using API call getConfigPath()
    tweaks: reduce number of WinAPI calls
    1.4 API20:
    updated API version
    fixed "Error on extract" which occured since TS3 update
    1.5 API20:
    added option for volume suppression on speaking yourself (you can disable it now)
    added option to change the audio device
    1.6 API20:
    added an editable blacklist to exclude applications from getting suppressed
    1.7 API20 (make sure to get the VS2013 redistributables for this and every future release):
    added a whitelist as an alternative to the editable blacklist -> if you want, check the box and you can let the plugin only suppress the applications you want
    added the functionality to select multiple audio devices and not just one
    1.8 API20:
    added a delay option
    1.9 API21:
    bumped API version, unfortunately I lost my project files and had to use an old backup from 1.7, so the delay option is gone

    Downloads: (I can't sort the attachments, so perhaps it's not in the right order )
    Attached Files Attached Files
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    Interesting, I already contemplated connecting CrossTalk to the Remote-Control-App-Volumes windows service I've been working on (for other reasons).
    You sure the flaw lies within the saved value? I haven't seen any source code, but my guess was it reverses the suppresion rate for going up and gets screwed by the rounding involved casting the result of the suppression to int. I'm not entirely sure why it'd wander with a properly saved value outside of improper shutdowns ofc.
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    I'm not entirely sure about it aswell, but here are some thoughts:

    The thing is, that closing an application does not remove the audio session directly but instead sets it to 'inactive'. And after a while it will be removed completely. I dont know how long it takes or what triggers this. This allows to set the volume of the session _after_ an application has been closed.

    So it could happen that the volume of this inactive session doesnt get resetted, because you are in a channel with 10 people and all the time atleast someone is talking. I feel like the problem with "permanent low volume" happens much more often if you are with multiple people in a channel.

    Another source of the problem could be the launcher implementation of League of Legends (this is the game, where my friends and I are getting frustrated most with the volume bug). If the volume is supressed while the launcher(at low volume) starts the game, it applies its own volume to the child-application (the game client). The TS plugin reacts to the "session created"-event and suppresses the volume of the game client again. So you have double suppression when someone talks and a permanent suppression when nobody talks. But this is also just a shot in the dark.

    In addition to that, the "permanent low volume" doesn't solve itself, because of the suppression rate-factor implementation. So if you encounter the problem the only thing you get is the double suppression which I described above.

    I know my implementation could be rated as suboptimal or "avoiding the problem", but atleast it doesn't make it worse when volume gets lowered permanent (which could still occur if it happens like in my first idea). Instead it fixes itself because the "reset"-volume is always 100%.

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    Note sure, since I never tried your plugin, but from what you write it seems like everyone who doesn't have their Windows Master Volume at 100% would be screwed as well, because from what I noticed, if you have the Windows Master Volume at say 50% all Applications will be 50%, so if you raise one application to above the master volume, the master volume is increased as well. While that doesn't change the other apps volumes, it will increase the volume for new apps that didn't previously have a setting in the Mixer.

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    if you change your master volume to 50% the application volume actually stays at 100% (unless you change it). It's the slider-value that gets scaled by the master volume. And if you raise the application-volume-slider above the master-volume-slider the master volume gets adjusted because the application volume can't be higher than 100%

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    Good point, but it's actually 100% of master volume so it won't raise the volume above the master volume.
    I will edit the post to make that clear, thanks!

    edit: ah you replied 1minute before my answer. You are very right and it works just fine without being intended in the first place
    Last edited by Goreki; November 8th, 2013 at 09:15 AM.

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    Would you mind making this plugin open source? We already had the problem with stopped support for this type of addon

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    Constant crashes on a specific TS server.

    Hey guys!

    So, i've been struggling this for a while, when i'm connected to a different teamspeak, (usually used as a backup for the primary one), Around two minutes or so, without any specific action done prior to that, the client crashes, I have no idea what would be the cause of this, i've tried compability mode and running as administrator.

    Note: tell me if you want more dump files, I have around 15 of them in total.

    Crashes in third party plugin volume_control_goreki. Please disable that plugin or contact the author, for him to fix.
    Last edited by Chris; April 29th, 2014 at 03:23 PM. Reason: 3rd party plugin crash!

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    What exactly means "connected to a different teamspeak"?
    Is it just one specific TS server like the title says? If so, could you give me the server IP (via PM if you want).
    Are you connected to two servers at the same time? Or do you have two instances of teamspeak open (which shouldn't be possible I think)?
    I'm just hanging on the word "different"...different to what?

    And as your crash report was moved to my plugin thread...does it solve the issue if you disable the plugin?

    @Chris, if you are reading this:
    Would you be so kind to tell me, which information I can get out of those dump files? I can open the files with Visual Studio and it looks like this.
    So I see that my plugin is loaded but it doesn't really tell me at which point the error occured. And also I obviously cant start a debug, because I dont have the debug information for ts3_client_win64.exe.
    I did "learning by doing" for C++ and VisualStudio, so perhaps I'm just missing a crucial point to get something out of those dumps...right now I can only confirm "yes it crashed, and my plugin was loaded, too"

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    Absolutely love the plugin, can i ask a feature, to addition to this:
    Quote Originally Posted by schm0 View Post
    nice plugin!

    can you please add an option to select on which audio device the sound should be suppressed?
    Would it be possible to suppress more than one audio device? I have 2 different playback device, one for games, browser and other audio, and one for music only. And I'd like to suppress both of them.

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    Sure but I have to restructure my code a little bit for this, so it could get more complex than it seems.

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    Ok I updated the first post.
    I switched to the new Visual Studio 2013 some time ago. There is no particular reason for it other than it's new and shiny and it was for free, so unfortunately you have to install the redistributable package for it.

    VS2013 redist:

    1.7 API20 (make sure to get the VS2013 redistributables for this and every future release):
    added a whitelist as an alternative to the editable blacklist -> if you want, check the box and you can let the plugin only suppress the applications you want

    added the functionality to select multiple audio devices and not just one

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    Hello.I have a problem with my client probably beacuse it is now 3.1.6 and it needs to be updated.So,the problem is simple it not raises the volume back where i set it after someone talks to me,it stays on the suppressed volume.What can be done?

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    TeamSpeak Crash Help

    For some reason my TeamSpeak keeps crashing can any of you help, when it crashes it gives a a debug file. I posted the file down below.

    Edit by Staff: Crashes in third party plugin volume_control_goreki. Please contact the author of said plugin for updates / support.
    Last edited by Chris; August 8th, 2014 at 07:44 AM. Reason: 3rd party crash. Moving to plugin thread.

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    Those dump files don't help me. Do you have the latest version of my plugin and can you reproduce the crash on your own will?

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