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    [Suggestion] Assign mic input to audio output for proper video+voice recording

    Hey everyone,

    my problem is recording videos with fraps or nvidia's shadowplay including only the teamspeak voices. While that is no problem for other players voices (that you can hear), recording your own voice is pretty difficult. Fraps has the option to separate select an audio input which records your own voice, but the disadvantage is that it records all noisy sounds from your mic, not only the ones that teamspeak registers in a conversation (push to talk/voice activation). Shadowplay doesn't even record the audio input, because it only records what you hear and mic playback is deactivated because of feedback.

    So my suggestion is a teamspeak plugin, that lets you assign the mic input (only the audio stream that satisfy the voice activation level or that activates when you press the push-to-talk button -> the ones that other people in your teamspeak-channel hear) to a specific audio output-channel of your soundcard. With that option, you would be able to play your own voice on a audio channel that isn't connected to your earphones/speakers and therefore can't be heard by yourself. But because the computer "hears" it anyway, fraps and shadowplay would record it. This way you can record video, other people's teamspeak voices and your own teamspeak voice without the need to separate record your audio input. And you only record what really is being said in teamspeak, no backround noise, no unwanted chatters, nothing else than the voice activation/push-to-talk voices (that's the most important thing). Adjusting the output volume level of the microphone playback at the specified audio channel would be important too.

    Of course, there's the teamspeak recording tool. But considering the shadowmode of shadowplay, that's not really an option to include your own voice in the video.

    What do you think?

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    I would like to implement this.

    I would appreciate any head start.

    Apart from the plugin SDK, what should I learn/read?

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