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    Connecting to any external TS not connecting

    Recently I have set up a TS server. I had one already but set one up again with Port forwarding since its now a Cisco Modem/Router. All the ports are set and seems to be running ok. Except for one issue. TS server seems to be restarting or killing Teamspeak in the middle of the night , unsure on times. Win xp 32. May work on setting up a Linux server setup instead.

    Other issue may be related to this.
    Since the updating I have any other issues with a different PC getting on any Teamspeak except the one that is set up with the port forwarding.
    Even tried public TS etc. but cannot resolve host or connect to server.

    It seem to work on external servers before I set up port forwarding.

    Not sure what is going on or ideas how to get external and in house TS servers working smoothly.
    The TS server I run is going to the outside world.
    The PC I usually run is a win 7 64.

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    I found out that I had port filtering on for 3 of the needed TS ports, that is why I couldnt connect to anything except the TS that I had ports open for forwarding.

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