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    [Suggestion] Report function for server-admins

    Hi everyone,

    I think we need a report function, to report rule violations and trolling done by server admins and helpers.


    For example, on free voicemail server is an admin with nickname "Samson". He likes to close chanels with numbers in it, because "Rule violation: no password in chanel names". But he don't control those supposedly passwords, he just kill the chanels, without any test if rule is violated. Today he closed our chanel because "123" was in chanelname, and banned our whole team from the server ... this is only 1 example for showing the problem, other situations are also possible ...


    After banning there's neither a way to write nor a way to report for those trolling ones.
    It is unbearable that officials can do such things without users have a chance to report that, it is not understandable for me that those rule violations can't be punished in an adequate way, because they cant be reported.

    Generally i suppose we need a report function for greater servers, to ensure quality and rule-conformity of work for officials.

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    That's the decision from server owners and their server rules.
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