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    Solved How to change TTS on Windows 8

    I've used TTS on Windows 7 b4 and loved it.
    Now on Windows 8.1 (I guess TS3 is using the Windows TTS function) everything is in german, english word with german TTS realy sux, I also tried to make a german TTS ini-file but the TS3-Client don't know how to deal with "umlauten ()".

    I already switched the TTS-Feature from Windows 8.1 to the english one and even changed the Clients language to english, I always have the german TTS in Teamspeak.

    Anyone knows how I can switch the TTS to the old one that was used on Windows 7 or at least how I can force TS3 to use the english TTS-Engine?

    I realy can't use TTS anymore, my ears are bleeding!

    Riff Raff

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    I got it...
    I've spend half an hour with trying to solve this problem, just minutes after I made this post I have the solution.
    You just have to got to the classic controll pannel and change the default TTS there. I was in one of the all new windows 8 settings menu before wich didn't had an effect on TS3.

    To change the default TTS on Windows 8 just hit the Windows-Key and type "text-to-speech", the first hit should be the classic TTS-Settings Menu where you can change the default Text-To-Speech voice.

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    Last warning!
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